Getting the best from start-up culture and enterprise experience: John Butterworth Vivid Festival Panel Session  

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At the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney Australia on May 27th, 2015. Orchestrate’s John Butterworth joined Ian Gardiner (Amazon Web Services), Adam Bird (Westpac), Mark Dando (TechBeach), and Dale Cohen (BizTech) at a KJR sponsored session to discuss ‘Quality, Velocity and Resilience: getting the best from start-up culture and enterprise experience.’ as part of the Sydney Vivid festival.

Moderated by KJR founder Kelvin Ross, the (at times) robust panel discussion explored how the reality of digital disruption means that every business is becoming a software business, why some existing enterprises scramble to adapt, and many start-ups struggle to survive, and why failing fast may help you discover exactly what your customers really want, but velocity is no substitute for quality when customers expect your great idea to actually work.

As part of the session the panellists each facilitated a discussion with tables of attendees leading to some fascinating insights into what a company’s employees really think about innovation at their companies.

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