7 diverse success stories of digital transformation

http://qrudestudio.com/tag/school-of-photography/ In the 8th and final part of my series on digital leadership published by Expert360, I’m delighted to shine a light on 7 great examples from Australia, New Zealand and the USA.  They span B2B, B2C and government and vary greatly by industry, size and age.  If I identified 2 things they all had in common, they are:

1  An genuine and unerring customer focus and understanding

2 An ever increasing (and often real-time) use of data and analytics to improve both customer experience and operational efficiency

So if you want to learn more from the likes of Domino’s, Air New Zealand, Disney, Graysonline, GE, UBank and Service NSW, the link below takes you to this, as well as all 8 parts in my series on leadership in the digital era published by Expert360.  This series is intended to help leaders who are not necessarily digital or technology specialists but know the speed and extent of impact on your industry is profound and never-ending.