how to purchase prednisone The Orchestrate Digital Agency & Supplier Selection Solution

While supplier selection has its challenges in all areas of business activity, choosing the right digital agencies and service providers to work with you on your organisation’s digital journey comes with new and ever-evolving challenges.

The rapid pace of overall technological change, the resulting transformation of human behaviour, and ever-evolving skills requirements, combine with the relative immaturity of the digital industry to create a complex supplier environment for businesses seeking to successfully navigate their way through the growing digital economy

The digital agency landscape is highly fragmented, very crowded and offers a bewildering variety of options. Digital agencies come in all shapes and sizes, offer a variety of products and services, have a dizzying array of skill sets and experiences, and operate in a multitude of ways. Choosing the right partner or group of suppliers can be a complex exercise, yet it could be one of the most important decisions your business makes. Making the right choices can mean the difference between the digital transformation and the digital disruption of your business.

To help you with your digital supplier selection process, whether it be agency, service provider or platform, Orchestrate has developed a customisable approach that analyses your internal needs, compatibility and readiness and matches it with a carefully screened and profiled group of suppliers.

Our supplier selection solution is designed to be totally adaptable to your needs – whether you are embarking on a major enterprise digital initiative, have a specific digital project you need partners or suppliers for, or simply want to review your options, our program is totally flexible and based on our experience working with both digital suppliers and clients.

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We offer a two-stage approach to working with you on digital supplier selection based on your specific needs – client side (you) and supplier side (agency, service provider, platform). Client Compatibility and Readiness

Our experience working on both sides of the supplier/client equation is that an organisation’s understanding of its own internal resources, structures and processes is a vital success factor in making the right selection of digital suppliers.

We offer a customisable step-by-step diagnostic approach to profiling and mapping your current capabilities and, where required, making recommendations on ways to successfully work with digital agencies and suppliers that match your company profile.

Our approach includes profiling your:

  • Overall digital strategy and vision
  • Current management structure including ownership of digital within the organisation
  • Business structure and existing digital activities and technology deployments/preferences
  • Internal and external stakeholder identification
  • Existing technical/digital resources and skill sets
  • Procurement and supplier management processes
  • Approaches to risk management, governance, compliance, and security
  • Culture

Profiling your business for these key factors allows Orchestrate to research, recommend and help you engage the digital suppliers that are the very best match for your organisation’s needs and way of doing business.

Agency/Supplier Profile, Compatibility & Attributes

The Orchestrate Digital Agency Selection Program is based on a combination of Orchestrate’s wealth of experience in working with both clients and digital suppliers and our unique industry partnership program. Our industry partnership program gives Orchestrate access to more than 250 digital industry companies and involves a formal industry program deeply profiling 75+ digital agencies for a range of attributes including:

  • Core specialisations and services – CMS platforms, eCommerce Solutions, creative services, content disciplines, UI/UX/design, online advertising & marketing, mobile/tablet/apps, website development, social media etc
  • Vertical industry sector specialisation and experience – healthcare, finance, retail, tourism, government, B2B, education, transport, telco, media etc
  • Previous work/client references
  • Technology partner/reseller status – Microsoft/Adobe/Sitecore/Salesforce/Magento/Oracle etc
  • Company size and structure – how long they have been in business, number of staff, geographic footprint, office locations
  • Use of offshoring services
  • Company culture, contributions to industry, and investment in staff training
  • Key financial/contractual information – billing/invoicing models, typical value of contracts worked on, level of professional indemnity etc

Our in-depth knowledge of these companies allows us to carefully match your specific needs and requirements with the right supplier capabilities, company size, and culture in the Australian marketplace.

Our Industry Partner Program forms the basis of the Orchestrate Digital Agency Selection Program and provides us with direct access to a wide range of pre-qualified, award-winning, best-of-breed digital suppliers. However we are not constrained by our existing industry partner program and can apply our profiling and pre-qualification approach to any service supplier or type of vendor required, particularly where your overall digital needs also involve specialist services from non-digital industry vendors (for example, supply chain, IT security, or specialist software/hardware providers) or specific technologies (for example cloud-based customer experience platforms).

What the Orchestrate Supplier Selection Solution gives you

  • An independent assessment of your digital supplier needs and your profile as a potential client
  • Access to in-depth experience and understanding of the digital services industry and the capabilities of its participants
  • Pre-qualified supplier recommendations and introductions specifically matched to your company and your requirements
  • The ability to fast-track supplier selection and avoid lengthy beauty-parades
  • High-level independent oversight of your ongoing relationship with suppliers as required

Contact Orchestrate for more information

For a confidential discussion about the Orchestrate Digital Agency Selection Program and how it can help your organisation choose the right digital suppliers, please contact Orchestrate Partner John Butterworth at or 0413 744 177