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Many organisations know that they need to be accelerating their use of digital technology and starting to develop a “digital culture”. However, it’s not uncommon for there to be uncertainty and/or diversity of opinion as to where to start.

Some people may believe it requires little more than refreshing the website, sharpening up on their SEO profile and perhaps building some form of mobile app. Others may perceive the need for far reaching digital transformation but are unsure where to start or that it may be seen by others as being prohibitively expensive or even a “bet the farm” option.

So one of the most important aspects of starting on a digital journey is to have a commonly understood, objective baseline of the starting point. To do this, you really need the help of an independent outsider who has no vested interest as well as the experience to give a balanced assessment of where your organisation against a range of criteria.

Orchestrate has a Digital Diagnostic tool that when combined with our extensive digital industry experience, sets the baseline and then identifies areas for improvement focus in the first phase of the digital journey. Orchestrate’s Digital Readiness Diagnostic Solution

Orchestrate always takes a holistic view of organisations anchored by our Model of Digital Business. Our Digital Diagnostic framework has 6 dimensions based on the Model as shown below.

Digital Diagnostic Framework

There are approximately 8 questions for each of the dimensions of the framework so some 50 in total. Working closely with your senior management, we agree the breadth and depth of the survey participants across the enterprise but 30 would be a typical size that ideally, should provide a good cross-section by seniority, geography, division etc.

The output, at the highest level, is presented in a spider chart as shown below.

Digital Diagnostic Score

We provide further detail under each of the dimensions as well as cuts of the data based on any other key variable of participant eg. seniority, geography, division etc.

Based on the detailed findings, we then work closely with the project sponsor to identify a limited number of initial digital projects (typically 2-3 depending on organisation size and capacity).

By way of example, in the profile above, two typical projects that could emerge might be:

  1. Technology – undertake an audit of all existing digital platforms and interfaces, set priorities for the next 24 months and create a digital technology roadmap with first activities identified and scoped at a high level
  2. Insight – undertake an assessment of the organisation’s social media profile by stakeholder group with particular focus on identifying detractors and strength of their reach and influence

Orchestrate Digital Readiness Benefits

The Orchestrate Digital Diagnostic gives you:

  • A quick, holistic snapshot of your organisation’s current digital baseline
  • An objective view that, depending on sample size and profile, cross-correlates and validates across the entire organisation
  • Calibrated assessment on key dimensions that allow improvement targets to be set and measured
  • An inexpensive way of identifying and prioritising potential digital projects on a range of complementary dimensions
  • Clear, intuitive output that can be readily shared with all staff

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For a confidential discussion about the Orchestrate Digital Diagnostic and how it can help your organisation accelerate its digital journey, please contact Orchestrate Partner Malcolm Alder at or 0414 277 315