Digital Strategy

There is so much talk at present about “digital disruption” and the need for “digital transformation” as well as the pace of change, that it can quickly become overwhelming, particularly if you’re not a digital native. Furthermore, this can be compounded if you go researching to find out more; “the more I look, the more I realise how much I don’t know” is a common sentiment. And then there is research and opinions that appear to flatly contradict one another.

So where do you go for independent, objective advise and how do you go about developing a digital strategy for your organisation? Orchestrate has the experience, methodology and practical, business-centric attitude to work through this challenge constructively with you.

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In concept, strategy development is a straightforward process that addresses 3 related questions:

  • “Where are we currently?”
  • “Where do we want to get to?”
  • “How are we going to get there?”


How much time is spent on each of these questions varies by situation. For example, some companies have a very good understanding of their current situation and know they need to get moving for fear of being made irrelevant very quickly e.g. traditional taxi firms right now. Other entities may want a better fact base including overseas role models etc. to give them a wide range of possible strategic options before deciding on their exact course. Regardless of the starting point, our approach to strategy development shown below, holds true, it is just the emphasis of effort that varies.

Orchestrate Digital Strategy Approach

From our experience, there are a few critical aspects to strategy development, some of which are even more important when it is a digital strategy. These aspects include:

  1. Thinking holistically about your business and its challenges. The impact and opportunities arising from digital technology are not confined to marketing and consumer interactions, they now impact the entire business ecosystem. As a result, they need to be considered holistically. The Orchestrate Model of Digital Business is the framework we use for this purpose.

Orchestrate Model of Digital Business

After clearly explaining the model, we step through it to identify those areas that need most attention. This has two purposes. Firstly, it highlights areas for particular focus in the strategy development process e.g. the governance model for digital is often an area of significant debate in early stages in particular. Secondly, it identifies areas with the most urgent need for short-term action (which can occur in parallel with overall strategy development – see below).

  1. Identify a small number of carefully defined projects. Every journey starts with the first step. So regardless of whether your digital strategy is 1 page long or 100, the framework above can help you prioritise your actions. Indeed, there is nothing inherently inconsistent between starting off with a couple of small, time-bound projects in parallel with developing a longer-term over-arching strategy.
  2. Include a diverse range of stakeholders. As our strategy framework clearly shows, it is critical that the C-Suite own digital strategy. However, in developing that strategy, we believe it is also important that they include a diverse range of thinking and perspective in to the process by age, geography, social background, division, technology savviness etc. Consumers (even for B2B and government sectors) are increasingly leading digital behaviour and your staff (and customers if you are brave enough) are a great proxy for society ahead of commissioning expensive primary research. Just as importantly, we strive to ensure that your team has bought in to and owns all outputs from the process, and is confident in their collective ability to execute.

Orchestrate’s Digital Strategy Approach

Our approach to Digital Strategy development gives you:

  • A robust, comprehensive approach
  • Flexibility that tailors timing & resource needs to your circumstances
  • Total objectivity not influenced by any downstream business imperatives
  • Highly experienced, senior professionals lead and execute the process
  • A hands-on style that is inclusive, uses plain English
  • Ownership by your team of both analysis and outputs
  • Constructive challenge to pre-existing assumptions & preconceptions
  • Big four, partner level advice at outstanding value

For a confidential discussion about Orchestrate’s Digital Strategy Development and how it can help your organisation accelerate its digital journey, please contact Orchestrate Partner Malcolm Alder at or 0414 277315