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Do you really know what your customers want?

The advent of big data, coupled with old-fashioned watching your customers, gives organisations unprecedented ability to match what their customers want, not from what they say they want (which can be unreliable) but based on their actions.  My good friends at have just published this piece that I wrote recently. Digital disruption; know your customers

7 diverse success stories of digital transformation

In the 8th and final part of my series on digital leadership published by Expert360, I’m delighted to shine a light on 7 great examples from Australia, New Zealand and the USA.  They span B2B, B2C and government and vary greatly by industry, size and age.  If I identified 2 things they all had in common, they are: 1  An genuine and unerring customer focus and understanding 2 An ever…

8 tangible reasons why we need the best NBN we can get

Six years ago, I was a senior member of the KPMG-McKinsey team that wrote the original NBN Implementation Study. Cloud was mentioned only three times. Big data, IOT, blockchain and the sharing economy not at all.  I’ve recently revisited our 500+ page opus and reflected on how the world has changed since and what that indicates about the next 6 years’ ahead.  I was always convinced of the need for…

Orchestrate Partner John Butterworth wins Outstanding Industry Contribution Award at 22nd Amy Awards

15 July, 2016 At the 22nd Annual Amy Awards in Sydney last night, Orchestrate Partner John Butterworth was awarded the Outstanding Industry Contribution Award for 2016. Since 2005 the Amy Awards has annually awarded an Outstanding Industry Contribution Award to an individual senior digital industry executive who has not only given outstanding service to the industry over a number of years but who has also demonstrated inspiring leadership and stewardship…

Orchestrate’s Malcolm Alder on “Mobile productivity is all about the moments” – Australian Financial Review

Andrew Birmingham, Transformation Agenda Special Report, Australian Financial Review, 19th April 2016 In 1987 Robert Solow, winner of the Nobel prize for economics, famously remarked, “You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics.” Solow’s famous “productivity paradox” debate has re-emerged in recent years as digital technologies have come to the fore and economists debate the real impact of developments such as cloud and mobility. That impact…

Orchestrate’s Malcolm Alder on “Incumbent businesses face numerous challenges but have some advantages too” – Australian Financial Review

Ian Grayson, Transformation Agenda Special Report, Australian Financial Review, 19th April 2016: With emerging technologies causing fundamental changes to the way businesses operate, coping with the sheer rate of this change is becoming a significant issue. Knowing which technologies are relevant, how budgets should be allocated, and what returns on investment to expect are creating headaches for senior management. Some fear wrong choices could result in big problems in the…

How do you maintain momentum? Part 7 of Orchestrate’s practical guide to leadership In the digital age

So far, this series has looked at a range of elements that forge a successful digital transformation program. We started by looking at the change imperative and moved on to how to get started and progress as a leader in the age of digital disruption. In this, the seventh and penultimate part of the series, we look at how to maintain momentum and avoid ‘change fatigue’. We’ve identified 6 tips…

Orchestrate’s John Butterworth to chair next Sydney Shindig Nov 19

Sydney Shindig is a leading business and technology networking event, aimed at C-suite professionals and executives to allow them to connect with each other, and invent a new future together. Each month a small group of business delegates is invited to a premium and relaxed city location, to be inspired by 3-4 business leaders, who deliver short and punchy speeches, giving an overview of challenges and solutions in their world. The…

Orchestrate’s guide to leadership in the age of digital disruption

Leadership in the age of digital disruption. We’re delighted to bring you the first part in our series titled “How to lead in the age of digital disruption”.  Authored by Orchestrate’s Malcolm Alder, this is a practical guide for Directors and C-Suite executives who are not inherently tech-savvy themselves yet are fully aware of the accelerating impact of digital disruption across the economy and are seeking objective, sober, business-centric advice…

Malcolm Alder in B&T – Marketers Warned: Customers Don’t Want To Be “Owned”

BY Malcolm Alder, Which-50 (reprinted in B&T Magazine) September 2015, Ask yourself a simple question. What kind of human being “owns” another human being? The very concept is so objectionable wars have quite literally been fought over it.   Yet, as digital transaction volumes grow and with ever more stakeholders typically involved from first engagement to completion, we increasingly hear robust debates as to which party “owns” the customer.  …

Getting the best from start-up culture and enterprise experience: John Butterworth Vivid Festival Panel Session

  At the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney Australia on May 27th, 2015. Orchestrate’s John Butterworth joined Ian Gardiner (Amazon Web Services), Adam Bird (Westpac), Mark Dando (TechBeach), and Dale Cohen (BizTech) at a KJR sponsored session to discuss ‘Quality, Velocity and Resilience: getting the best from start-up culture and enterprise experience.’ as part of the Sydney Vivid festival. Moderated by KJR founder Kelvin Ross, the (at times) robust panel…

Malcolm Alder: Which industries will be most affected by the rise in broadband speeds over the next decade?

BY Malcolm Alder, April 2015, CPA Magazine “In The Black”. As broadband speeds increase, industries all over should prepare for a major transformation. Fast broadband is often called a business “game changer”. Which games will it change the most over the next decade, as both mobile and fixed-line broadband networks are rolled out and broadband speeds head to 100 mb per second and above? The list of industries will be…

Malcolm Alder and the quality implications of digital disruption

In early June 2015 Malcolm presented the keynote address at the Software Quality Forum in Sydney, presenting on the quality implications of digital disruption. Here is a copy of his presentation and the full video of his address.  

Paul X. McCarthy Launches “Online Gravity”, Published By Simon & Schuster

Long-time Orchestrate friend and Australian digital industry luminary Paul X. McCarthy (of SIRCA, NICTA, AIMIA, IBM and NSW Government fame) has just released his book “Online Gravity” . Described as the Freakonomics of the digital economy, Online Gravity is for anyone interested in the future of global technology, economics, or business and the prospects for your company, your career, your health, your wealth—and even the next generation. Orchestrate partner John…

Orchestrate at Vivid Sydney 2015

We’re delighted to announce that Orchestrate co-founders John Butterworth and Malcolm Alder are both appearing live at Vivid Sydney events this year. At the Museum of Contemporary Art from 2pm on Wednesday 27th May, John is participating in a Vivid Ideas panel discussion called “Velocity, Risk & Resilience”. John will be joining fellow digital industry veterans Dale Cohen (BizTech), Ian Gardiner (Amazon Web Services), Adam Bird (Westpac) and Mark Dando…

Which-50: What digital winners know and incumbents refuse to accept – information trumps physical assets

BY Andrew Birmingham, Wednesday April 22, 2015, Which-50 There’s rock, paper and scissors — and then there’s information. The emerging generation of digital winners recasting business models the world over has worked out where the real power resides. At least, that’s our reading of a new study into digital disruptive intermediaries. Called Digital Disruptive Intermediaries: finding new digital opportunities by disrupting established business models”, the study by the University of…

Orchestrate partner Malcolm Alder to present on transformation economics

Orchestrate partner and co-founder Malcolm Alder will be discussing the economics of transformation as well as sharing stories on incumbents doing well in the age of digital transformation at the Daze of Disruption event in Sydney on May 18th. Joining him on the panels are Kai Riemer (Sydney Uni), Marcos Kurowski (SapientNitro), Annie Parker (Muru-D), Craig Tapper (UNSW AGSM), Gerd Schenkel (UBank), Samir Maher (Tennis Australia), Mike Sneesby (STAN) and many…

Orchestrate client Minfo to launch in May, seeks launch partners

Minfo, one of Orchestrate’s earliest clients, will be officially launching their new mobile marketing and comms platform in May this year. Minfo is a mobile marketing and communications platform combined with a multi-purpose consumer app. The app is a free download available from both the Apple and Google Play app stores. The platform features: Audio encoding for TV, Radio, Cinema and Online advertising (Shazam-like) In-store and on-location capabilities ideal for…

Do we need a digital strategy? Malcolm Alder explores the digital litmus test for enterprise

Malcolm Alder. Partner, Orchestrate Strategy, FindaConsultant Articles, 11th February 2014 Business conferences are a pretty good indicator of what’s hot in management circles at any given moment.  In which case, digital disruption has the mercury running very high right now.  Further evidence comes from the increasing number of Chief Digital Officers being appointed. Then add the Federal Government’s recent announcement of a new Digital Transformation Office and the NSW Government’s…

Orchestrate’s Malcolm Alder on digital strategy in the boardroom – Australian Financial Review

Andrew Birmingham, “For company directors, change is the new main game“, Australian Financial Review, 6th February, 2014 – Digital disruption follows a Hobbesian arch: it is nasty, short and unforgiving. Apple, for instance, took only seven years to dominate the music industry only to find itself battling the shift from paid downloads to advertising-supported music streaming. But incumbency is not a death sentence. Large industrial companies, such as General Electric…

Practical strategies in directing digital disruption – Malcolm Alder’s 5 top tips for board directors

Orchestrate partner Malcolm Alder recently presented at a sell-out Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) briefing on responding to digital disruption at the board level. Together with Mark Kehoe, Director, GraysOnline, Malcolm delivered a joint presentation telling a tale of two companies (Williams Lea vs. Kodak) and their different responses (and outcomes) to dealing with digital disruption, as well as exploring the GraysOnline journey from a physical auction house founded over a…

Which-50: She’ – Study reveals a dangerous complacency as Oz execs ignore digital disruption

Andrew Birmingham, Which-50, 3rd November, 2014 – Australian executives remain disconnected from the existential threat of disruption to their businesses and business models, with three quarters indicating they do not believe rapid change is under way in their industry. Indeed their views are some of the most complacent in the world. Sadly, given the ubiquity of this view it may well be correct — simply because it is self-fulfilling. Of…