If you’re already familiar with the Orchestrate Industry Partners Program there are 2 links below, each containing an online form. Please make sure you complete both forms to successfully register for the program. If you have any question please contact the Orchestrate Program Team via program@orchestrate.com.au



Otherwise here’s what it’s all about.

The Website Orchestrate Industry Partners Program is specifically designed to help drive new revenues and clients for digital service providers from the growth in “whole of enterprise” approaches to digital strategy in the Australian business market. It has been established to create a comprehensive profile and deep understanding of the respective relative skills, strengths, products and services of participating partner companies. This helps us at Orchestrate Strategy ( http://memricaprompt.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://memricaprompt.com/working-with-us/ OSPL) provide clients with an independent, agnostic and unique network of world class digital service providers to deliver on their digital strategy needs.

In its first 12 months of operation the program delivered approximately A$1 million in new business opportunities to participating companies, revenue that would otherwise have gone to incumbent digital service providers or non-program participants.

Participation is strictly on an “Opt-In” basis (and you can opt-out at any time).  There is no cost involved in becoming a partner company.

As part of the Program induction process, we ask that you complete the short questionnaire above asking for various company details. You are free to supply as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with but we are seeking to create the deepest understanding possible of all the available skills, specialties, products and services available from program participants to offer to the market.

Examples of the types of information we are seeking from you includes:

o             Main areas of expertise (e.g. strategy, app dev, SEO, mobile, games, UX etc);

o             Particular sectoral expertise if applicable (retail, tourism etc);

o             Any re-seller/strategic relationships (e.g. Magento, Big Commerce, Exactarget etc);

o             Industry Awards;

o             Industry white papers, presentations;

o             Company participation in industry groups, training programs, councils etc;

o             A main point of contact for the Program;

o             Any other relevant information you wish to contribute.

Information provided will only be used by OSPL for the purposes of the http://giratango.net/gracias-parte-del-encuentro-nacional-de-tango/ Orchestrate Industry Partners Program.

Program FAQ’s

How does the money side work?

This will vary by assignment but at its core, OSPL is a consultancy business with mid to large companies from the broader business community firmly as its target market. Revenue for both OSPL and program participants will come overwhelmingly from the client side. Digital industry companies are potential partners, not potential clients.

Who gets what will operate along normal consultancy and digital industry lines and be subject to up-front negotiation between all the parties involved.

OSPL is happy to assist individual digital companies with tenders, RFPs and introductions if requested but this would be on a normal consultancy basis and is not a core part or purpose of the Program.

Will OSPL compete with my business?

OSPL is a consultancy with neither the ambition nor the capabilities to compete with digital industry companies.

As the name Orchestrate suggests, OSPL is all about orchestrating new business opportunities from the growth in “whole of enterprise” approaches to digital strategy within the Australian business market, opportunities that will almost always require a broader suite of capability than any single digital company can offer.  OSPL’s objective is to make the total digital revenue pie bigger for all Program participants.

Does signing up to the Program restrict the ability of my company to also respond independently to strategy RFPs or opportunities in the market?

Absolutely not. The purpose of the Program is to collectively open up new opportunities that have been difficult to access for standalone digital companies and where OSPL can genuinely add value.

You can also opt out of the Program at any time.

How much work can my company expect to source from the Program?

It is expected that those companies who most actively embrace the Program and work with OSPL to identify and develop opportunities are most likely to experience success.  However, there is no guarantee that the Program will generate revenue for any particular participant hence there is no cost and you can leave it at any time.  The only investment required to participate is the time required to compile and submit the Program submission.

Why do you want to collect so much information about my company?

Fundamentally it’s about being able to demonstrate and represent the depth of the digital skills, expertise, resources and products of Program participants.  As investment in digital strategy increasingly moves up the management chain or into business functions relatively new to digital, decision-making increasingly falls into the hands of executives unfamiliar with the digital industry or the world class companies within it. As a result, the temptation is either to rely on a known, safe pair of hands for digital strategy, irrespective of skills, capabilities or experience, or follow the “no-one ever got fired for hiring XYZ” approach, or, go through a lengthy and resource-consuming agency selection process.  We are changing that.

In order to drive that change, we need to be able to demonstrate to senior executives who are not familiar with the digital sector that we have applied a robust and objective process that allows us to say we are confident in the quality and track record of our chosen partners hence they have no need to conduct their own market evaluation.

Needless to say, the long-term success of the Orchestrate Industry Partners Program will be heavily dependent on the quality of work that every participant, including OSPL, delivers to clients.

Any questions, please email us at program@orchestrate.com.au and if you’re ready to apply, please complete these two forms and we’ll handle the rest